Don’t be this guy!

Seriously!  We’ve all seen the video now remember do us all a favor and don’t do this kind of hooning while leaving the event.  I know we all like a little power when we leave but getting out of hand and almost wrecking is a bad idea and it’ll likely get the event shut down and you might not be as lucky as this kid was.

We do not and have never condoned this sort of reckless driving, nor do we support spectators encouraging such action either.  We all need to take responsibility in our actions and actions of others while they are at our events.  We are not the police or your parents but we take the safety of everyone very seriously if we know of people acting in a reckless manner we can talk to them about it.  However, we do not have the resources to police everyone at all times we need your help to provide everyone with an enjoyable event.

And really do we need to tell you that when you are driving you need to follow all city and state traffic laws at all times? You’re all adults after all.



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