April 5, 2018 — So long for now.  The staff of Cars and Coffee, Boise, ID,  want to thank everyone for their support over the years. We hope that you all have enjoyed the events as much as we have. At this time we are not scheduling any events for this year. This decision has not come lightly and has been a real struggle to get to a final decision on what to do for this season. We hope that we will be able to start up next year or even later this year if possible. If anything changes we will post here to let you all know. Sorry for the late posting, we needed to gather some information before we could arrive at this point.

Cars and Coffee Boise, ID, FAQ

We get a ton of the same questions asked before after and during the events so here a short little FAQ of the most common questions that we get.

  1. When is the next event:  It’s always the 3rd Saturday of the month from April until October depending on the weather.
  2. What time do I have to be there?  The official time is from 9am until 11 am you can arrive before that and you can stay after that time. You can also leave at any time too.
  3. Does it cost anything? Do I need to register before hand?  This is a FREE event but do please support our vendors and the Spectrum businesses so that we can keep doing this for FREE.  There is no registration.  Just show up and have a good time.
  4. Are there trophies or judging?  No, none of that
  5. Is there assigned parking?  Can I park with my buddies or my club?  There is no assigned parking except for the Vendors.  Park where you can, arrive early if you want to park in a group.

Cars and Coffee Boise, ID, DO’s and DON’Ts

  1. Do Have Fun and be respectful of people’s property
  2. Do enjoy the event
  3. Do follow ALL city and state ordinances and traffic laws
  4. Don’t enter or let children enter other people’s cars without permission
  5. Don’t engage in reckless behavior
  6. Don’t encourage reckless behavior
  7. Do report to event admin any reckless behavior

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